About DogCareHacks

From the first day you bring your new puppy home, your responsibility as a dog owner (or, to be more precise, as a dog parent) arises. Your dog becomes your family member. Therefore, feeding, training, spoiling and caring about your new baby is now your job. At DogCareHacks, we aim to help you make it the most favorite job you’ve ever had. As certified dog trainers and registered vet technicians, here we share our in-depth experience revealing every facet of dog care and behavior imaginable.

Whether you’ve just gotten a new dog or you’re already an experienced dog parent, at our website you will find a multitude of handy, real-life recommendations and training hacks to enhance your dog owning experience. Dog health, nutrition, training and grooming – we leave no stone unturned when covering the topic of responsible dog ownership. 

Also, at DogCareHacks, you will find lots of dog product reviews to help you choose what suits your pooch best. We are constantly nosing around for the top rated products that work best. We know you’ve probably bumped into tons of similar sites before and are wondering who to trust. Our authors are devoted dog owners themselves, so you can trust them limitlessly.

We aim to make our website the largest and most useful online dog care community. So if you have your own life experiences or product reviews to share, please let your fellow dog parents know about them. You can either contact us via email or leave your feedback in the comment box at the bottom of the article that has caught your attention. Your ‘two cents’ are very important to us, as well as to other dog people reading our posts.

My name is Britta Thygesen, I’m a passionate dog owner and currently a full-time certified dog trainer based in California. I was born in Denmark and yes, I possess a little bit of that typical Viking attitude – especially when it comes to protecting my loved ones 😉 I’ve always had pets and I love taking care of them. As a teen, I lost my dog Baby due to a sudden condition that went undetected until it was too late. My love for dogs has motivated me to seek education in the dog care and training field. But it was that very loss that inspired me to never cease learning.

Currently, I’m planning to launch my online dog training and behavior courses. My dream is to open my own dog training academy here in California. As a dog trainer and animal professional for over 8 years, I’ve always been skeptical about hundreds of online guides on dog care and training. So I’ve decided to create a website of my own – the go-to place for everyone who’s looking for the most practical dog-related info on the internet. I’m not a substitute for your veterinarian. But you can trust me as an expert and use the posts you read at DogCareHacks as a reliable source of information about dogs. I want to help each and every dog parent out there by sharing my personal and professional knowledge and experience.