Dog Nail Grinder vs Clipper: What’s the Difference

Cutting dog nails at home can be a challenging task, but is it possible to simplify the process by using the right instrument? Thinking of the dog nail grinder vs clipper problem, I decided to write this concise guide to help you understand which of these cutters you actually need.

Here, I share everything I know about nail grinders and clippers, their advantages and disadvantages. I also provide a couple of the most reliable clipper and grinder reviews so that you could take a look at the best tools and purchase them or find similar items. This guide is only about tools, so read more about clipping dog’s claws to avoid painful mistakes.

Dog Nail Grinding vs Trimming

the dog gets a manicure with the Casfuy Dog Nail

Now, let’s resolve the problem of grinding dog nails vs clipping. Choosing between dog nails Dremel vs clippers, you should weigh the pros and cons of both nail trimming methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of grinding dog nails

Unlike clipping, grinding takes quite a lot of time. Instead of quick trimming, you have to hold each claw near the grinding wheel for some time until you achieve the needed length. On the other hand, you will receive a perfectly smooth finish in the end, while clippers can make rough cuts and require filing after trimming. Grinders are usually used for larger dogs whose claws are too thick and sturdy for trimming with clippers or for small dogs that can’t stand clipping. If the price is the issue, you may be more interested in clippers as they’re always cheaper.

Advantages and disadvantages of clipping dog nails

Most dog owners consider clippers the best tool to trim dog nails. It has both advantages and disadvantages, though. Clippers are widely used as a traditional tool for nail trimming. They are available in different sizes and let you easily trim most claw types from small and thin to large and thick. However, some breeds have such large and thick nails that it’s simply impossible to trim them off. That’s where grinders come in handy. Clippers make the process less stressful for active dogs that can’t sit still and wait.

Which method is safer?

No matter which method you choose, there’s always a chance that you cut into the quick. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening. If you use clippers, trip the claws bit by bit to avoid hurting the animal. It’s better to cut nails in short bits more often rather than to take off too much and put your friend to stress. If you cut the nail, bleeding time may last up to 8 minutes, so have an antiseptic and cotton to avoid infections from getting inside.

It is much easier to avoid trauma when you use a grinder. The grinding wheel takes off only a tiny bit every time you slide it over the nail tip, so you can stop and check if you can trim off more.

As you see, both methods are safe enough but require attention. If your dog has light-colored nails, it would be quite easy to treat them without hurting, while dark and black nails don’t let you see vessels, which may lead to traumatizing.

What Is a Dog Nail Grinder

the dog gets a manicure with the Casfuy Dog Nail

Dog nail grinders are used for filing dog nails instead of clipping. Unlike clippers, grinders are electronic (usually battery powered) tools that have a rough rotating tip that’s designed to file nails. They have the same design as the universal Dremel but can be smaller or equipped with specific safety parts to make filing easier for you and your pet. A grinder can be used multiple times before it needs tip replacement.

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder – Best Dog Nail Grinding Tool

This tool provides excellent home nail grinding for dogs of any size. The tool’s engine and battery are powerful enough to keep grinding for over 2 hours so that you can treat claws of any thickness. It’s also supplied with a special protective sleeve that lets you adjust the grinding wheel for small and medium-sized pets. For larger pets, you can simply remove the nozzle and use the whole surface of the file to work quicker.

The grinding wheel is coated in tiny diamond bits that provide longevity and smooth filing without damaging the structure of the nail. Additional convenient features include a rechargeable battery that can be charged with any micro-USB cable. You can even take it on trips if you want.

  • USB-rechargeable battery;
  • Durable grinding wheel diamond coating;
  • Over 2 hours of non-stop grinding;
  • Protective nozzle for small and medium-sized dogs;
  • 2-speed motor.
  • Similarly to the clippers, your dog may hate it;
  • Costs more than clippers.

What Is a Dog Nail Clipper

Dog after Casfuy Dog NailClippers are a type of scissors that let you clip nails to the needed length. They may also look like pliers but with one of the blades curved to simplify clipping. You can also use guillotine-type clippers if they seem more convenient to you, but keep in mind that they cannot be used to cut thick nails. Clippers are designed to cut nails quickly, which can be a decisive factor if your dog can’t sit still for long.

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers – Best Dog Nail Clipper

BOSHEL offers high-quality stainless steel clippers with convenient non-slip handles. It feels a lot like using a small branch trimmer. The tool comes with 2 sharp curved blades that can deal with both small and large claws. Due to the built-in safety stop, you won’t overcut or break nails while cutting.

If the smoothness of the cuts doesn’t satisfy you, use the nail file that’s hidden inside the handle. This tool is simple, nearly unbreakable, easy to sharpen, and relatively cheap.

  • Lets you trim claws quickly;
  • Built-in safety stop;
  • Free nail file included;
  • Made of stainless steel;
  • Convenient non-slip handles.
  • Some dogs hate it;
  • Requires filing after trimming.

Ready for Action

Congratulations! Now you know enough to choose the best nail trimming instrument for your lovely pet. Be attentive while using these tools not to hurt your doggo by accident, and it will be grateful for your care. I also recommend you to learn other everyday pet care essentials. Even if your dog isn’t your first pet, it would be wise to keep learning more about this animal’s needs and behavior every time you have a spare minute. Your dog needs a lot of attention, so you must be ready to provide it in full. Did the article help you choose between dog nail clipping vs grinding? I’d be grateful for feedback from you in the comments. If you have questions, you’re welcome to ask!

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