Best Dog Food for Autoimmune Disease: Change the Diet for the Better

Despite the fact that few people know it, dogs may suffer from diseases and disorders, much like humans can. One of the most wide-spread illnesses is the autoimmune disease, and it inflicts a lot of danger on your pet. But it’s not a sentence with the right diet.

The first thing a good vet should recommend doing to prevent the worsening of the condition is to change the diet. Choosing a well-elaborated diet will boost your pet’s immune system and prevent further complications. But finding the best dog food for autoimmune disease is not that simple, right?

In this article, I would like to shed some light on modern, top-notch dog food brands to change your pet’s diet. There isn’t just one best kind of food because all dogs are so different and may have different complications. So, here we go!

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5 Best Dog Foods for Autoimmune Disease Reviewed

It’s not clear when the disease comes from and, more importantly, how to prevent it. The only thing that remains obvious is that a pet needs to change its eating habits and consume food without BHA, hormones, and other synthetic additives. Moreover, wholesome food is strongly recommended to maintain weight and supply the dog with antioxidants.

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With this being said, I have prepared a couple of options for your new diet. Among these products, you can choose the best dog food to boost the immune system and prevent the worsening of the condition. Read the following reviews and consider the pros and cons below to find the one that suits you best.

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Dense Dry Dog Food — Best Overall Dog Food

Rachael Ray is one of the top picks when it comes to a carefully selected dog diet. The food is completely based on meat, which is full of antioxidants and helps a dog’s body restore itself and rebuild its strength. Besides, there are no by-products or additives, ensuring easy digestion and allergy prevention, which, otherwise, can only harm the animal.

The standard 23lbs bag contains pieces of dried beef and venison pieces, which don’t contain any gluten or supplements. Ensuring the complete purity of the product, the company uses no grains to increase the weight of the pieces, nor does it include any other meats. Protein levels amount to 30% of the whole Netto weight, which is considerably higher than in other similar brands. Also, it’s made in the U.S.A., so you don’t have to worry about certificates or quality.

Autoimmune diseases are characterized by a lack of energy and somewhat lethargic states in dogs. By including probiotics and Omega-3, which PEAK is abundant with, in your dog’s diet, you can stabilize your dog’s liveliness. This makes it perfect for the IMHA dog diet to prevent the development of inflammations or blood pressure jumps.

  • No grain additives;
  • High-quality meats;
  • Gluten-free due to the absence of grains;
  • Allergen-free but contains probiotics.
  • Quite overpriced but worth it.

2. CRAVE Grain-Free High-Protein Adult Dry Food — Best Dry Dog Food for Autoimmune Disease

If you are looking for even more protein and fiber, you might want to consider this one. Crave is known for its 100% organic pet food (both dry and wet), as the company uses well-selected raw products. Also, it ensures that there is no grain in their nutrients to prevent heart complications or any further development of autoimmune diseases.

Each pack includes 22lbs of dry food pieces, which come as a blend of meats, such as lamb, deer, and so on, and minerals. Up to 34% of the fodder contains high-quality meat proteins that help boost a pet’s immune system and increase the cellular regeneration speed. As for minerals, there is very little that Crave doesn’t have. Using a well-elaborated formula, the food has Calcium, Manganese, Vitamins A, B1, B6, and many other elements.

As for the taste, dogs seem to like the smell not only because it gives off the scent of real meat but also because it has a lot of herbs. For instance, rosemary extract boosts a dog’s appetite and ensures a fast-pacing feeling of satisfaction. Moreover, there is a nice 8-oz food-portion cup to help you calculate the exact portions depending on a dog’s weight and sizes.

  • Variety of flavors;
  • An immense number of favorable vitamins;
  • No digestions issues;
  • Reasonable price.
  • Pups might find the food too hard.

3. Blue Buffalo Freedom Natural Senior Dry Food — Best Senior Dog Food for Autoimmune Diseases

Older dogs and those whose health condition is worsened by autoimmune diseases require more fatty acids that Blue Buffalo has plenty of. It’s perfectly safe and contains no chemical flavors, which increase a pet’s hunger. On top of this, the food is recommended by professionals if a dog has any skin or coat conditions, which decrease the shine or manifest through pigmentations.

Thanks to the wholesome pieces, the product is very sparing to a dog’s digestive tract and boosts the animal’s ability to stomach solid particles. The 24lbs pack is sufficient for larger breeds, which results in a great money economy in the long run. Interestingly, the food is designed for a smooth transition from any other fodder. Normally, it takes around two full weeks for a dog to get used to the product completely.

As for autoimmune diseases, Blue Buffalo has its hand in it too. It stabilizes your pet’s blood pressure and improves the blood flow, which is perfect for the anemic dog diet. Besides, there are a couple of vegetable and berry supplements to restore the pet’s cognitive and motor abilities. It’s all backed up by an abundance of Calcium, which acts as a basis of the animal’s bone structure and durability.

  • Full of vitamins and minerals;
  • Full-cycle, harmless transition period;
  • Poultry-free;
  • No preservatives.
  • It comes only with the chicken flavor.

4. Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Canned Food — Best Wet Dog Food for Autoimmune Disease

In case you want your pet’s daily meals to include wet food as well, Purina One is a superb option for the hemolytic anemia diet. It’s nice for dogs with digestive tract issues and those that are reluctant to dry and solid foods. Using a combination of poultry and venison meats, the product ensures highly nutrient food diets with 12 different flavors and other combinations to suit your pet’s meal routine.

With each can containing 13 ounces of fodder, you can easily economize the expenditure by combining the food with other products. The True Instinct line is made, especially for such cases when you need to increase the number of nutrients a dog consumes. More than 30% of proteins and an array of micro-elements create a nice blend, which is healthy, tasty, and safe for meat and poultry fans.

Since the company specializes in elaborating various dietary plans for pets, it doesn’t include any additives or preservatives in their formula. It takes around one month to make the most out of this dog nutrition for a healthy coat and bone structure. The tiny morsels are highly digestive and cause no difficulty in stomaching, unlike similar dry food products.

  • Completely organic;
  • No fillers;
  • Great conservation period;
  • A variety of flavors.
  • There may be small bones inside.

5. Purina Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food — Best Small Dog Food for Autoimmune Disease

Here is a good solution for those of you whose dog is susceptible to allergies and skin irritations. The formula uses a set of active ingredients, like crude fats and fiber, to avoid adding any preservatives, which may lead to digestion issues. Besides, there is a nice weight-age chart included that you can follow to find the exact food amounts to ensure a fast and easy transition from any other product.

The fodder is completely dry and doesn’t require deluding or flavoring. With 12.5lbs of morsels, there is no grain or even gluten but only high-quality chicken pieces. By combining protein (24%), fats (13%), and fiber (5%), the company provides well-balanced portions. This makes the product not only the best diet for dogs with autoimmune disease but also a superb source of vitamins and minerals.

Unlike other fodders, this one is suitable for small dogs as well. It helps them improve their digestion and substitute elements, which so often cause allergies and rashes. Additionally, blueberries and spinach provide enough fiber for restoring a dog’s strength and renewing the coat shine.

  • Suitable for big and small dogs;
  • No preservatives;
  • Sparing;
  • Reasonable price.
  • Contains salt, which some dogs detest.


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Haven’t found the answers to some of your questions regarding dog food for autoimmune disease? Take a look here!

What should I look for in dog food for autoimmune diseases?

First, you want the food to be well-balanced. This implies that the fodder has to combine both fiber and protein. Normally, meat provides enough protein for dogs if there are by-products, whereas fiber is added using vegetables and fruit.

Second, you want to make sure that there are as few preservatives as possible. Preservatives may include chemicals or synthetic elements, which harm the digestive tract and cause stomach aches. The same applies to gluten and grains. It’s proven that some dogs may experience heart complications if they consume grains, like wheat or corn.

Finally, dog vitamins and supplements, like Mg, F, Ca, and others, are vital to a disease-affected pet. Because the illness deprives dogs of such essential elements, your job is to restore them, adding supplements and minerals.

Which veggies should be in dog food for autoimmune disease?

There is no limit to what vegetables should be in the fodder. But if you need more specifications, then carrots, pumpkin, spinach, and peas. All of them have a set of vitamins and elements that improve a dog’s agility and energy flow.

For instance, carrots contain a lot of vitamin A, which improves the immune system and restores eyesight. Pumpkin has an abundance of vitamin E, which is an active antioxidant and helps fight infections. Spinach is known for its vitamin K, which helps with clotting blood. Besides, it’s very nice to take vitamin K for bone strength and energy. Finally, peas are a great supply of Manganese. The element partakes in metabolism and chemical reactions in a dog’s blood.

How does food help with curing autoimmune disease?

Very few people realize that we become what we eat. The same thing refers to dogs and other pets whose diet solely depends on the owner. If your pet has a condition, changing its fodder is essential for its healthy and normal life.

Dogs suffering from such complications have their immune system working against their bodies. This way, any harmful or synthetic element coming into their body with food can worsen their condition. Therefore, keeping a nice, balanced diet is the first thing you have to do if you want your pet to live a normal, joyful life.

Help Your Pet Fight for Its Health and Well-Being

Autoimmune diseases are, unfortunately, no rarity among dogs. Statistically, every 5th dog in the States suffers a certain condition, which causes discomfort and misery. However, it’s not a sentence for them if you approach the issues with care and awareness.

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The first thing you have to do is change the food and elements your pet consumes. A healthy diet for your dog boosts the immune system, restores strength, and brings back the playful mood. And if your choice of diet is careful, you can ensure that your favorite pet lives a long and healthy life. Use dry food with high protein intakes to provide your pet with enough building blocks for its bones and muscles. Also, feed them with pure poultry or venison to provide additional supplies of minerals and microelements.

All in all, you have to approach the issue with a tactful understanding of how serious the condition is. What did you know about autoimmune diseases in dogs? Which diet have you chosen after reading the article? Tell me more in the comment box below!

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