New Puppy Checklist in 2023 — The Essentials of Getting a New Puppy

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Getting a new puppy feels the same as having a new child. First, everyone in the family is struck by happiness and joy because of the thought of getting a pet. After all, you have all agreed that you need a puppy, so why not be happy about it? Everyone dreams about how they will be having fun with the puppy. You even dream about taking him or her for a walk. Definitely, no one can take this joy away from you unless you do not know about a new puppy checklist. However, you need to prepare well to ensure that you have all the essential things before getting a new puppy. I can tell you for sure that lack of preparation may easily turn your joy into stress. Therefore, do not take away your moment by failing to prepare early enough.

My name is Matthew Farthing and I have certain experience in preparing to get a new puppy since I own three huskies. As I know the pains of missing one or two essential things when getting a new puppy, I have prepared this complete checklist for new puppy owners.

The Basic Checklist for New Puppy – You Must Have These Items Beforehand

Two puppies in a bowl

The basics are things that you must get before you welcome the puppy into your family. Therefore, you need to shop for these items in advance so that your puppy can find them at home. You may face a crisis without these items, hence they require the most precise attention.

Food and Water Bowls

The most important thing while getting a new puppy is to maintain the highest level of hygiene. Otherwise, you will risk diseases. And you do not want your dog to get sick immediately he or she arrives at home.

You need to get bowls for food and water. Some puppies find it hard to feed without bowls, therefore, it is necessary to prepare for such an occurrence. You may get ceramic or stainless steel bowls. The bowls are affordable, hence you are able to get decent ones for your puppy. Otherwise, it may feel left alone when watching everyone else eating from nice plates. Besides, it will also prevent you from the mess that may arise when your dog eats from the floor.

Puppy Food that is Best for Your Breed

Since you have already decided to get a puppy, you must be acquainted that there are different breeds of dogs. Therefore, you need to make a decision on the breed you want. After deciding this, the next thing is to get the first supply of food for your puppy. Get the food that is most suitable for your breed since there is a variety on the market.

A Comfortable Bed

You need a dog bed to make your puppy’s life comfortable. Otherwise, the puppy may always be tired if it does not get good sleep. You may get the washable beds and beddings for the dog. They will make the pet’s life comfy just like everyone else’s in the family.

Delicious Treats

Every dog needs a treat once in a while, but a new puppy requires treats more often. With the treats, you can train a new puppy on how to behave in the house. Chewy treats are the most common ones among dog owners.

Variety of Toys

The last thing you want is to get a puppy and then kill it with boredom. Boredom may drain energy from the pet, and soon, you may be affected by the dog’s mood too. Purchase toys to keep the puppy busy when you are not playing with it. Dog toys will elevate the puppy’s mood and make it lively running around.

A Secure Crate of the Right Size

A crate is a must-have for your new puppy. It helps in reducing anxiety in the pet when you are away from home. It is also essential when you are taking the puppy to a vet for a checkup or treatment. Once you get the crate, do not forget to crate train the puppy to ensure it feels comfortable around it.

Security Supplies Checklist for Getting a New Puppy

Puppy in a red collar

It is important to take security measures to protect your dog. You should get security supplies that will help in preventing the puppy from getting lost. The items you get must provide an option to identify the puppy so that whoever finds it may contact or make a call to your home.


You may get a collar or a harness as the first security item. A collar is normally worn around the neck. There are various designs of collars that you may purchase. If you are working on a constricted budget, you may get a basic one to start. However, if you have funds to spoil your puppy, you may get two different kinds.

Collars are essential in two main ways. Firstly, they help in holding dog tags. Secondly, they are useful to you when you are walking a dog. Since you will mostly take walks in public spaces, a collar will help you in keeping the puppy close to you. It will prevent the dog from running away.

A harness is similar to a collar, but it is a more secure item. It is worn around the body as opposed to a collar that is basically for the neck area. A harness is also used for holding dog tags and leash for keeping the pet nearby when outside the home.

However, a harness is more beneficial as it does not choke the animal the way a collar does. Therefore, if you are a new dog owner who cares about the pet, these are important tips on getting a new puppy and the devices for its comfort. Get a harness or a collar and be free of worrying whenever you walk outside with the puppy.

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A leash is a rope that you attach to a collar or harness and hold on to so that you can control the dog’s movement. Some leashes are made of nylon while others have leather material. Their lengths and number of handles also differ. Some are long while others are short. Some have one handle while others got two. Therefore, the choice you make depends on what you want to use the leash for. Despite looking simple, the leash helps you a lot in securing the puppy.

Dog Tags

This is a critical item in the supplies for a new puppy checklist. A dog tag is an identification that contains its name and the mobile phone number of the dog owner. You can make a tag by yourself if you are a creative person or get an affordable one online.

When your puppy arrives home, attach the tag to the harness or collar immediately. A more efficient technique is to get the tag fixed around the collar at the shelter where you get the dog. Thus, in case it slips from you when traveling home, you will be able to find the puppy.

Grooming Checklist of Things to Buy for a New Puppy

Dog with a pink brush

Cleanliness is important for your puppy just as it is to human beings. It is critical mostly because you will be living with the puppy in the house. Therefore, if you keep the dog dirty, your house will experience the same situation. You risk getting diseases that are transferred from animals to humans if you ignore the pet’s hygiene. The items below are essential for keeping your dog clean.

Dog Brush for Cleaning and Untangling Fur

A dog brush is a critical item in the new puppy care checklist. It should be the first thing in your mind because it plays a huge role in making the puppy comfortable. The brush helps in minimizing the shedding and tangling of the fur. The type of brush you get depends on the length of your puppy’s hair. If you are not sure about the type of hair your puppy will have, get a grooming brush that can work on both short and long fur.

A Friendly Puppy Shampoo

A shampoo is necessary for bathing your puppy. It helps in getting rid of all dirt and leaving your puppy with a nice smell. Shampoo for humans may be adverse on the puppy’s skin. Therefore, you should avoid using these shampoos.

Get one that is meant specifically for puppies as it contains all the ingredients for leaving the dog’s fur shiny and healthy. If you cannot afford to buy one for a start, you may find ingredients and recipes for making your own dog shampoo. It can last for weeks, hence saving you a lot of funds.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

This sounds amazing because normally individuals think that only humans need toothpaste and toothbrush. However, if you are crazy about hygiene, it should not be a surprise. Some dog owners get dental chewy for their puppies. These are treats that help in cleaning the dog’s teeth without the necessity to use a brush or paste. However, the chewy may not always be affordable and efficient all the time.

Get a toothbrush and paste for cleaning the pet’s teeth. Ensure that you introduce dental cleaning in the early days of living so that the pet may get used to it. Otherwise, you may face major problems whenever you want to brush the puppy’s teeth. Ensure that the brush and toothpaste are friendly to prevent the dog from being hurt. When getting a new puppy what to expect is some form of resistance before the dog gets used to teeth cleaning.

Nail Trimmer

Nails are the best hideouts for dirt and germs. The longer the puppy’s nails are, the more dirt they hide, and the higher is the risk of getting diseases. If you do not know how to start trimming your puppy’s nails, ask for help. Your nearest vet may help you in doing that without making the process traumatic for both you and the puppy.

One thing you should note is that an ordinary nail trimmer may not be the best. Even if it does a good job, it may not live up to your expectations. It can break down at any time. Therefore, get a quality nail trimmer that will be efficient and long-lasting. If you are getting a new puppy with another dog, you may use the same nail trimmer for the two pets in case you clean it thoroughly.

Quality Poop Bags and Pooper Scooper

Believe me, you do not want to go out with your puppy and then experience pooping while you have not carried a poop bag or scooper. It is embarrassing, to say the least, and it may cause people to judge your ability to take care of the dog. Therefore, avoid such mistakes by getting a scooper and poop bags in advance.

A poop bag may not be necessary at home. However, if you have to travel with the puppy, it is essential. A pooper scooper, on the other hand, is necessary all the time. You can use it both at home and in public places when cleaning the puppy’s poop. Therefore, you need a high-quality bag and scooper that will clean thoroughly.

New Puppy Health Checklist — Meds That You Need for the New Puppy

When living with a dog, you need to get some medications to treat the puppy to control the usual infections. Since you have enough time to prepare before getting a new puppy, the medication should be on the list of things that you will get.

Flea & Tick Meds

Flea and tick meds are useful for your dog, the members of your family and the house. When bringing home a new puppy, you should know that it is prone to fleas and ticks. And if the ticks attack the dog, you may be affected too. Your dog will be full of fleas and ticks that fall off from the dog’s skin. In the worst-case scenario, the ticks may also bite you, your child or other family members.

To avoid such a crisis, you should seek advice from the vet or the shelter home where you are going to get the puppy. Ask the experts about the best medicine for your puppy breed and how it should be consumed. Follow their advice, and you will not worry about fleas or ticks at any one time.

Heartworm Meds

The saying “prevention is better than cure” applies in heartworm medication for dogs. It is very easy to prevent this disease, but if you wait until your dog suffers from it, you may face an uphill task in trying to cure the illness completely. You should include heartworm meds in your bringing home new puppy checklist.

The disease is caused by mosquito bites. When the dog is bitten by an infected mosquito, it may develop heartworms. They multiply in the body and then attack major areas such as the lungs and heart. Therefore, the illness may be deadly if you don’t take action. Instead of waiting for the disaster, ensure that you shop for the meds beforehand. You may do this with the help of a vet.

New Puppy Vaccine Checklist — Vaccines You Should Get for Your Puppy

When you get a child, you obviously think about the different vaccines that the infant needs to survive. When bringing a new puppy home, you should take the same action. Although dogs are animals, they also need vaccines to prevent them from contracting diseases that may be dangerous and deadly. It also contributes to the dog’s health to be vaccinated if it has to live close to human beings to prevent the exchange of infections. The following are some of the vaccines that you should ensure are administered to your puppy within the first year.


Even if you have never owned a dog before, probably you have heard about rabies. The disease is dangerous, and it shows through symptoms such as anxiety, paralysis, headaches, and eventually, death. Before administering this vaccine, you should consult with the seller of the puppy.

If it had been administered in the past, you should get a confirmation from the vet that the previous vaccination was efficient; there is no need to re-administer it again. The vaccination is the easiest way of getting a new puppy to sleep at night because it eliminates pain from the body.

2Canine distemper

Canine distemper is another deadly illness that strikes the nervous and gastrointestinal tract of a puppy. It is a contagious disease meaning it can be passed on from one dog to another. A common method in which it is transmitted is by sharing of feeding bowls.

You should ensure that your new puppy has been vaccinated for these diseases before introducing new puppy to current dog. It should be the issue of your concern if you have another dog at home. You do not want your new pet to come with a disease that will attack the dog that you have been living with. In case you miss the vet on the first day, you should separate the dogs until you are sure that the new one has been given prevention medications.

3Canine parainfluenza

Parainfluenza is another important vaccine that prevents your puppy from excessive coughing and wheezing.

There are many vaccines that you should get for your pet. Usually, a new puppy should be vaccinated every two weeks until it reaches at least sixteen weeks. The important thing is to see a vet immediately, you get a new puppy so that you can schedule how the puppy will receive the vaccines.

How to Care for a New Puppy – Important Services to Look For

Beagle dog walking on green grass

While taking care of a new puppy, it is necessary to be aware of the important services you will need at one point or the other. In this section, I will discuss some of these services.


As a new pet owner, you cannot afford to neglect a veterinarian whom you will visit even in emergencies. As a part of my professional advice for you, start checking for one beforehand. By the time you go to collect your puppy, you should have at least one vet in mind. It is highly important as you will be taking your pet to this person.

For the first visit, ensure that you carry all the necessary documentation. These records are usually provided by your breeder when picking the puppy up. The visit should occur within the first two weeks, so plan an appointment early. During the first visit, the main activities that occur include physical examination and administration of the necessary vaccination. Ensure to make plans for your next visits and consultations.

Dog Trainer

In certain cases, new puppy training tips may not just work out for you, or there is not enough time in your schedule to do it. Therefore, you may need the services of a dog trainer to help do it on your behalf. Finding a good trainer may be more challenging than you think. For example, do you want your dog to be trained at home, or will you take it to group training? Depending on your preference, which trainer is available?

Firstly, it is advisable to check the reviews of the dog training experts near your location. Ask other pet owners about the trainer they have used. After settling on a few options, set up the meetings. This will help you interview the specialists more about their services, including the schedule.

Pet Insurance

It is probably one of the most ignored aspects of owning a pet. This is either due to a lack of essential information or that some people do not simply understand it is important. I would say, having insurance for your puppy is as important as your own one. For starters, it is an ideal way to help you save on the huge medical expenses you would have otherwise paid for from your pocket.

Choose your insurance provider based on the coverage offered in their policies. However, do not always trust what they tell you. It is important to ask around about how reliable they are. Also, ensure that the packages are within the financial limits you can afford.

Pet Sitter

Imagine a situation: you love pets, but your schedule does not allow you to hang with it all day long. This is a common scenario among most working-class citizens. Due to such inconveniences, you get to create employment for a fellow American who is a pet sitter.

Since most people prefer them coming over to their houses, it is important to ensure you can hire someone you can trust. The following questions can guide you to find a reliable pet sitter:

  • What training do they possess about pets?
  • Are they registered with an association?
  • What is their price range?
  • What is their service bundle?
  • Do they have any reliable referrals?

Dog Walker

Among the routines that your puppy should not miss out is exercising by walking around. Therefore, if you cannot manage to stick to the schedule, it is advisable to hire a reliable dog walker. Ensure that they live closer to you so that they can also keep time. Also, ensure you get one within your price range.

Dog Groomer

Pet grooming is an important practice to help in maintaining them healthy and in good hygiene. Though being important, not everyone can do it and achieve the best results. Lucky for you, there are professional pet dog groomers whose services you can outsource. Simple research online will offer you a variety of individuals offering such services nearby. Based on their reviews, you can easily make up your mind on the groomer to visit.

What Do You Need for a New Puppy – Important Items to Carry When Picking up Your Puppy

Sleeping puppy

Getting a puppy is one of the most exciting things among dog lovers. However, being young creatures, the bodies of the puppies are still fragile. It means that you have to handle your pet with care and be gentle on how you treat it. With the right information and proper supplies, it is something far easier than you may think. It may actually offer you an opportunity to start bonding with a new puppy. So, what are the supplies that you will have to get?

1. Registration Papers

This is one of the most important things you should have when going to pick your puppy. However, you will be surprised to learn that it ranks top of the things forgotten by most people. To avoid joining this list too, ensure that you have fully filled these documents in advance. This helps to avoid delays at the breeders as they have to follow the due process when releasing the puppy into your custody.

2. Dog Crate

Equally important for bringing along is a dog crate. Not everyone may be lucky enough to live within a stone’s throw of the breeders. Most will have to travel either using cars, the sub-way or even air flying. As such, you will probably need some containment to help secure it and conveniently carry the puppy around. It will also help to minimize the possibilities of the puppy’s escaping.

3. Collar and Leash

These are two important supplies if you are not planning to carry the puppy during the whole journey. The collar is ideal for including important details to identify your new pet, such as the special tag and license. You will also use it to attach the leash before walking your puppy. It is advisable to choose a simple adjustable nylon collar that will be gentle around the puppy’s neck.

4. Puppy Food and Chewy

You may lower the possibility of a good start if you forget to bring a snack for your new friend. This helps to ensure it won’t keep balking as a result of getting hungry through the journey. The chews, on the other hand, help to keep the pet preoccupied during the trip. Remember that puppies are playful and like to chew on things at this stage. Therefore, even a toy may help them to remain calm and not to feel lonely.

5. Blanket and Towels

A blanket helps to maintain the little dogs cozy in the crate in case they want to sleep. The towels, on the other hand, are for the situations things could get messy. They will help you clean up any mess caused by the puppy.

How to Prepare for a New Puppy – New Puppy Supplies Checklist

Puppy lying on a carpet

Among the commonly offered tip on caring for your puppy is ensuring that you maintain its hygiene. It will help to minimize the possibility of sickness. To maintain this hygiene, you will probably need the right supplies as discussed below.

Puppy Pee Pads

You will definitely need a pee pad for the sake of the puppy and your house too. Regarding the puppy, it is good for its training on how to use the pads while also minimizing the mess it causes in your house. The purposes of these pads include training the puppy to urinate in the right place. It is also a suitable lining for carriers and crates when traveling and a perfect option for sick dogs.

This being the case, an ideal puppy pee pad should have distinct features, such as:

  • Be leakproof
  • Include a wetness indicator
  • Contain a larger urine capacity
  • Have an odor neutralizer

Stain & Odor Remover/Enzyme Spray

Highly important: you do not want your house to have a bad smell because of the new puppy. Therefore, you have to own the right supplies to clean its mess anytime accidents occur. An enzyme spray is one of the best supplies you should have to help you in cleaning these messes as they occur.

The work of such sprays comprises eliminating the urine spots by neutralizing the acid and bacteria present. They also have added scent to help counter the bad smell of pee. You can check online for reviews on the best products available on Amazon.

Chews and No Chew Spray

Among the common behaviors of puppies is that they like to chew on things. While the process keeps them occupied, it may become destructive if they begin to chew on things they are not supposed to. Luckily for you, there are various anti-chewing sprays to help you curb this behavior.

They are considered as effective training tools. All you need to do is use spray on the things you do not need your dog to chew on, including the skin. It works due to a bitter taste that the puppy will hate, hence avoiding the treated area. Check for sprays that have been made from natural ingredients to ensure they are non-toxic.

Tips for Bringing a New Puppy Home – The Financial Aspect

The issue of how much money you need to maintain a puppy is a subject of discussion on most forums. As you might expect, there are different schools of thought on this issue. However, as in the case with many other hobbies, doing the things you love may prove to be expensive.

As such, there is a need for you to prepare and engage in some financial planning before going ahead and acquiring a puppy. The following breakdown may help you estimate the amount of money you need for taking care of your new puppy.

Acquisition Cost

This entails the cost of getting a reputable puppy breed. It also includes other expenses such as having it neutered, getting the right vaccines for its age, and in some cases, getting a microchip for them. On average, this fee may be around $500.

Medical Costs

These are the costs incurred in ensuring that the puppy stays in good health. They are among the top expenses as they also include vaccinations. In some cases, pet insurance is additionally included in these expenses. On average, they may range from $750 to $1500 annually.


This is another area of top expenses. It is a basic necessity though an expensive one for that matter because the prices vary depending on the nutrient composition. The average cost of food may be about $150 a year. To save on food expenses, be on the lookout for promotions and coupons from your favorite brand.

Supplies Costs

These are basically the expenses incurred in acquiring the right tools for taking care of your puppy. They include food pots, a leash, collar, a crate, toys, beddings, and a grooming kit. The advantage of these costs is that most of these supplies are long-lasting. Therefore, ensure that these costs do not exceed $1000 a year.

FAQ: New Puppy Tips

Puppy lying and yawning

The thing about puppies is that you have to be there for them as they grow up. Being a good keeper helps you to create a stronger bond with them. Therefore, this section of my article is dedicated to providing you with tips on what to do when you bring a new puppy home.

How to introduce a puppy to a new home?

Bringing a new puppy home may be an exciting thing for you and your family, but the feeling may not be mutual for your new-found friend. It is coming into a totally different environment. This implies that there will be some adaptation required on its part.

Expert advice on how to introduce a puppy to a new home proposes the following tips. Firstly, you have to maintain a welcoming mood. Therefore, for the first few days, it will be better if all the family members keep calm and minimize the amount of noise they produce.

Using the leash, walk the puppy around the property. Introduce it to all the rooms, including the garage. It will help your pet to get a clearer idea of the future home. This tour should end with an introduction to their crate. Also, it is advisable to begin training the puppy immediately once you finish the tour. The idea is it will start understanding the routines and behaviors you expect of the puppy.

How to calm a new puppy?

It is not uncommon for a new puppy to keep barking uncontrollably once you bring it home. The intensity may even rise at night. Unfortunately, most people are never prepared for this or haven’t taken precautions against this issue. Therefore, unable to put up with it, you may find most people researching how to stop a new puppy from crying at night.

The most important thing which is worth realizing is that the puppy may be experiencing separation anxiety, hence it just probably tries to express it. Among the workable solutions on how to calm a new puppy is playing soft music. Like humans, puppies get relaxed listening to gentle, soothing music. Moving their crate to your room is also a recommended strategy as it helps them feel closer to you, hence not lonely.

Tiring the puppies out before sleep may also be helpful. This can be achieved by keeping them active and playful during the day. It will help them to feel sleepy enough. Keeping a toy closer to a puppy also may help to keep it occupied in case it wakes up late at night. Also, it is not a bad thing to ignore the whining and wait to see what will happen. It may be considered as a part of your tough-love approach.

Introducing New Puppy to Current Dog

Can my new puppy be around my other dogs? You may regret thinking that your current dog will help your puppy adapt to its new surroundings. While it may happen, it is important to understand that it will take time. The reason is that dogs are territorial and will tend to be aggressive to anything they consider a threat to their space.

Therefore, you will have to come up with creative ways on how to introduce a new puppy to your dog. You should prepare for this meeting in advance. It is done by eliminating anything that your current dog may feel is its property. It will help the dog to feel less territorial.

In terms of the introductions, ensure they are done in a neutral place such as a park. Again, the idea here is to ensure the current dog doesn’t feel the urge to protect its territory. Keep the leashes loose during the meeting so that dogs can feel free to do their things. However, be on a close distance to watch and ensure that the older dog does not bully the puppy. Back at home, allow them to spend some time together. However, ensure that you keep watching them and do not make the mistake of feeding them close to each other.

How to Sleep with a New Puppy

The thing you have to understand is that acquiring a puppy at a young age means that you have taken it from the natural comfort of its mom. As such, you have to try and provide the same warmth and affection it received from its mom. My professional advice on how to sleep with a new puppy is to simply do it with moderation.

You have to understand that a puppy has to learn the importance of space at a young age. Thus, even when sleeping with a puppy, ensure that it sleeps in its own crate or at the corner of your bed. Also, keeping the crate closer to your bed helps the puppy not to feel lonely and makes it feel secure.

New Puppy Won’t Stop Crying

Like babies, puppies will usually cry to express any feeling of discomfort like separation anxiety. However, others may take advantage of excessively whining in search of attention. Therefore, if faced with a situation when the new puppy won’t stop crying, you should try and figure out what is triggering it. Natural crying may be triggered by several issues such as fear, pain, separation anxiety or hunger.

In the case of fear or separation anxiety, you have to show it affection in controlled measures. This will help toughen it while also helping it adapt. If the puppy is well-fed, it will be wise not to ignore the whining. Go check on it and ensure that it has had its bathroom break. However, if everything is okay and the whining continues during the night, arrange an appointment with a vet the next day.

How to Comfort a Puppy in a New Home

The most important thing to territorial animals like dogs is their space. For this reason, ensure you have created enough space for them. Find an ideal quiet place that is both well-ventilated and warm. Another tip on how to comfort a puppy in a new home is ensuring that it is well fed. Introduce the puppy to a new routine based on the time and location of its food and water. It will help your pet to like you and feel comfortable at the new home.

You can also make the puppies more comfortable in their new surroundings by socializing with them. Spending more time together helps them feel more confident and secure. Having something with your scent close to them also helps them to deal with separation anxiety they may be facing.

Introducing new puppy to resident cat

Similar to dogs, cats may prove to be territorial. Thus, you should take care of introducing new puppy to resident cat. The first step to their introduction is to familiarize them with each other’s scent. This can be done by exchanging their blankets. Alternatively, you can put their crates adjacent to each other. Acknowledgment with each other’s scent helps them to become fond of one another.

After some time of alternating their confinement, they are still not ready to be introduced in one space. The room should be spacious enough to ensure they are both comfortable. During the introduction, ensure that you are holding the puppy’s leash in case it becomes aggressive. Keep these meetings short and regular until you are sure that the pets are comfortable in each other’s company. Keep disciplining the puppy if it attempts to bully the cat.

How to train a new puppy?

It is always advisable to train your puppy starting from the first day you get it home. Therefore, it implies you should have already established your house before getting the pet from the breeders. Crate training at night new puppy is also important.

It helps you basically make the puppy appreciate it as its new den. Maintain a full meal schedule during this period so that it may consider it a reward for good behavior. Ensure that you leave the crate’s door opened so that it perceives it as its safe zone.

Another important tip on how to train a new puppy is to ensure it uses a designated potty place. It is done by taking the puppy to that place yourself until it becomes familiar with it. Privacy is a key point when selecting this spot. Timing is also essential when it comes to reinforcing the puppy’s trained behaviors.

Preparing for a new puppy

Before you bring your new friend home, you should prepare in advance. Among the most important tips is proofing your house. This is basically ensuring your house is safe for a puppy. Therefore, look for any uncovered electric ports and loose surfaces that may injure the puppy. It is also important to ensure that everything has been maintained clean.

Take your time to come up with a comprehensive shopping list. Don’t forget to include a crate, stainless steel food and water pots, leash and collar, beddings and grooming supplies in the list.

Why is my new puppy not eating?

Similar to human beings, a puppy that is not eating is never a good sign. It is usually a symptom of some bigger problem that it may be experiencing. However, before you get worried about ‘why is my new puppy not eating’, it is important to know some issues that may trigger this behavior.

Among these issues are: change of scenery, excessive excitement, change in diet, stress, digestion problems and sickness in extreme cases. Lack of appetite due to the high level of excitement and change of the environment are usually causing a puppy feeling overwhelmed. As for the diet, it may be tracked if you have recently changed the food it is usually accustomed to.

Why is new puppy not peeing?

In any circumstances, you should not ignore a new puppy not peeing. Unlike other behavioral changes, this one may represent bigger problems. For example, it may mean the puppy is suffering from urinary tract or kidney infections. Therefore, when it happens, consider visiting the vet immediately.

Time to Go Get That New Puppy

Having read this article, I am sure that you feel more confident than ever about getting a new puppy. Hopingly, the information I have provided will help every pet lover, including the ones that have previously nurtured a puppy. It may provide you insights on things you probably would have done otherwise or situations you will probably handle better in the future.

As for the new pet owners, the information above is meant to equip you with tips on how to handle challenges you may face. Also, it offers you an assurance that there are creative solutions for any troubles you may encounter when caring for your puppy.

I have covered topics on taking care of your puppy right from the moment you pick it from your breeders. Moreover, I have discussed the necessary items you will need when going for it. I have also provided observation of pre-arrival preparation required before introducing the puppy to its new home.

This includes puppy-proofing of the house and also shopping for the necessary supplies. Also, I have helped to answer possible questions, such as ‘when can I take my new puppy outside?’ Based on the information provided, do you think there is an issue about taking care of a new puppy that I have not discussed? Do you agree with all the views above?


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