Dogs That Shed the Most – A Closer Look at the Well-Known Heavy Shedders

It’s with a lot of concern that I noticed in most compounds I set foot at, a pile of fur welcomed me. I came to realize that most people who own dogs lack at least a basic knowledge of dog shedding or they understand it to be a natural thing. They hence leave their dogs unattended, thinking that the shedding will stop.

I am Britta, and I own two dogs: Max – a golden retriever, and Dexter – a German shepherd breed.

These are two of the most known dog breeds. I have a great passion for dogs, and I went ahead to seek skills for dog training. I am now a professional dog trainer. The love for pets and especially dogs have been in my DNA for so long now.

I have prepared this blog post specifically for you to educate you on:

  • Dog breeds that shed the most;
  • Reasons for molting;
  • Seasons for heavy molting;
  • And lastly, how to lessen the molting.

The cost involved with pet caring is very affordable. You only need to carry on a few steps to have your compound clean and your pet comfortable.

Top 10 Dogs That Shed the Most – Reasons and Seasons for High Shedding

Below is an extensive survey of the top 10 heavy fur droppers. I have gone ahead to pick the times and reasons for increased shedding. The report will help you know more about the kind of canine you have. Towards the end of the analysis, I will provide tips on how to reduce the molting.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever in the car

The canine breed is short-haired and leaves many people amused by the fact it is over the rundown. Many think that most short-haired canines never molt their fur, but the Labrador is a heavy shedder whose molting is not affected by seasonal change. It is on top of the dog breeds that shed the most. They drop hair consistently. It may end up upsetting, especially when the fur sticks on your couch.

When the dog leaves hair all over your compound, it becomes an issue you have to sort out. Check on the last part of this blog to know ways to reduce hair molting from this American favorite.

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German Shepherd

German Shepherd lying on the ground

Second on the list is one of the most known dog breeds in America. One thing many people do not understand is that the German shepherd is a heavy shedder. Most people assume that it is normal for the dog to shed its fur. I have to say they are right on that. Many people think there is nothing they should do to stop the shedding, and once again, I doubt this statement.

They come to the point where they say there is nothing they can do about it and we differ in opinions. You can’t stop the shedding, but you can help lessen the molting. The dropping in this kind is seasonal. It occurs twice per year. Consistently, shedding is limited. Brushing the dog twice per week will help reduce the molting during the low and high molting seasons.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dog

The kind is well-protected from freezing conditions of the mountain by its thick fluffy hair. The dog, however, tends to leave fur all over your environs. When left unattended, the coat outgrows and makes it uncomfortable for your canine. A simple way of ensuring your dog experiences the slightest molting is brushing it after a week.

Brushing will help diminish the clamping of the fur and molting. The molting is seasonal.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees standing on the ground

The dog looks colorful with its thick white coat. It’s not until the hair gets on the better side of your car seat, furniture, or sticks on your attires when you discover it is irritating to remove. It is by no mistake that the breed is in the list of dogs that shed the most. With the Great Pyrenees shedding, accelerates during seasonal change. You are hence left with loads of hair all over your compound. In many cases, this never looks bright by any stretch of the imagination.

Brushing these breed will prevent the formation of mats on their lower part. The only solution to matting is shaving, which might leave your pet uncomfortable. The more natural step for ensuring comfort and prevent matting is brushing the dog, in any event, two times every week.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu dog

Despite being short-haired, the Shiba Inu is a known heavy shedder. The most exciting fact is their hatred toward bathing or brushing. You need to familiarize them to bathing or scrubbing at a tender age for more natural caring. It is the dog breed that sheds the most in comparison to others. This kind tends to molt more when there are seasonal changes.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky lying on the grass

The kind is made to survive freezing temperatures as it can be seen from its originality. Its dense coat is well-suited for protection against cold. During the summer, the heavy coat becomes irritating and may cause the dog to overheat. They hence shed to ensure comfort during this period.

When taken to less chilly climates, they can shed up to four times a year. Their skin is relatively sensitive and brushing alone doesn’t appear to be enough care for the breed. Skin conditioning seems as vital as brushing.


Collie dog breed

I know you will be bemused by the rate at which the Collie shed. They drop more when seasons change, leaving hair on each surface they contact. You will be irritated by the measure of fur that stalls on your sofas and garments. If left unattended, the hair will get entangled, and this will be a bit uncomfortable for your pet.

The Collie does not require a significant deal of care, brushing, in any event, once in seven days is sufficient to prevent matting. The hair winds up on the brush now and not on your seat.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog breed

It is a long-haired dog breed. Shedding in this breed is regular and not much affected by seasonal changes. Brushing regularly will prompt a decrease in the measure of fur that winds up on the surface of your furniture. With their thick undercoat, lack of brushing will prompt matting. Tangling means the dog will shed little fur, but it may end up causing extreme heating and sweating. You may end up shaving your dog to ensure its comfort. This is an unnecessary decision to reach given the way that brushing can keep your dog comfortable and the compound clean.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever dog

The breed is among the top 3 favorite dogs in America. The dog is a heavy shedder, but molting is a bit limited to the thickness of the undercoat. I have had my Max, a golden retriever, for 3 years, and brushing to maintain a thin undercoat has been my primary protection against shedding.

I made a routine of brushing this exceptional breed at least once a week. I have found it essential in preventing matting and over sweating.


Akita dog breed

A modern vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool you ought to have in case you want to bring the Akita breed in your compound. This kind is a notorious heavy shedder and leaves plenty of furs everywhere, anytime. They are double-coated and shed two times in 12 months. You will be required to brush your canine severally every week to ensure reduced molting.

The fur proliferates, but cutting it short may cause it not to grow again. I would advise using a brush to remove the loose and dead hair on the surface of your dog. The loose hair is the one that winds up on your couch and hence trimming it probably won’t be the ideal solution. You are aiming at leaving your compound clean and your dog comfortable. The dog’s fluffy skin is their best companion even in the chilliest winters.

Reasons for Shedding

Shedding is normal for dogs, especially at given times of a season. Seek vet advice when the shedding accelerates and for assistance in solving your problems more effectively. Listed below are the reasons for shedding:

  • Seasonal change. A change from the cold to warm season will see your dog heavily shed the excess fur it had for protection against chilly climates. This will help reduce over sweating and overheating during warm climates.
  • Stress. When dogs lack enough playtime, they may end up stressed. Dogs mainly love your attention, and alienating from the dog might lead to stress and fur shedding.
  • Poor diet. Healthy skin is mostly as a result of a proper diet. Lack of the same will cause ailing and increased shedding.
  • Skin dehydration. Hair will easily fall off a dehydrated skin.
  • Medical problems, such as allergies. Allergic infections will profoundly accelerate shedding.

Ways to Lessen the Molting in Dog Breeds That Shed the Most

As I had earlier stated, it is impossible to stop shedding, but it is quite simple to reduce the same. The section below contains detailed data on ways of reducing shedding. The tips in provision are applicable for both dogs that shed the least and most. More so, the blog will help you learn how to remove the fur from the surface it gets attached.


Dog combs

Brushing is the simplest yet the most efficient way of reducing shedding. Dogs use their dense undercoat as a way of protection against chilly climates. During warmer times, the dense undercoat may become a factor in accelerating sweating and causes overheating. It is for this reason that dogs do shed hair for comfort during these warm times. Trimming the hair might make it not grow again and fail to protect your pet when the cold season rocks back.

By brushing, you remove the loosely held hair that was to fall off anyway. For swift and maximum fur removal, you need the right tool for the task. I would highly recommend you use the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush.

The brush is simple to use and offers a comfortable cleaning process for next time use. The scrub contains wires that are strong enough to untangle any mat or knot on your pet’s fur. The wires are long enough to enter deep in the skin and bent to ensure they do not hurt or scratch your pet’s surface. It is perfect to use on both long and short hairs in cats and dogs. The bristles are gentle to help remove all fur and dead hair.

I have been using the brush for a while now, and it feels so comfortable to use. The perfect grip and slip-resistant handle ensure no straining when using it. The brush is sturdy for use over a long period. Brushing is an ideal solution on any breed of dog that sheds the most.


Dog bathing

Another way of reducing shedding is through bathing. Dry hair and irritating skin are likely to accelerate shedding. For a smooth and hydrated dog skin, ensure you bathe your dog twice a month. For many dogs that shed the most hair, at times it is advisable to clean them only once. With the breeds known to be unwelcoming the bathing idea, ensure you introduce the practice when they are young.

When bathing your pet, you must apply the perfect shampoo for your breed. In this case, I profoundly suggest you use the Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner. It is a natural shampoo that perfectly suits your pet’s needs. The gel contains vitamins and other natural products that ensure a smooth, glaring, and soft skin for your pet.

It helps nourish your dog’s skin while ensuring the hair is as soft as you need it. Being natural removes the risk of side effect as it is the case with most chemical shampoos. The gel does not irritate their eyes and hence make a bathing experience a time to enjoy. The shampoo is more of a skincare medicine and helps treat itchy skins.

I was at first prescribed to use this shampoo by a veterinarian, and I can affirm a seamless number of benefits I have gained when using the oil. I was earlier using the other chemical shampoos, and bathing my pets was always a problem. I have now been using the gel for over two years, and I only wish I had known it sooner. I can endorse that this is not only a good skin caring gel, but also it is relatively affordable to all. Check it at Amazon where they have unbeatable prices for everything you want.

Get it from a seller whose most significant concern is your pet’s health. It is a gel you will never cease to use. Not forgetting the advantage it has on relieving allergies.


Dog food

A healthy pet will be primarily determined by how well you feed it. Putting your dog under the right diet will mainly reduce the chances of fur shedding. A proper diet for your pet should contain a high level of easy to digest proteins. The leading supplement in the food should be meat. The easy to digest proteins will help keep the skin healthy, soft, and nourished.

Since I prepared this blog for tips to ensure shedding is reduced, I will give you my all-time favorite dog meal. I have been feeding my dogs Protection Formula Adult Large Chicken Dog Food.

And as I had earlier mentioned, the main ingredient in your dog’s food should be meat, which matches with these meals leading ingredient. The manufacturer goes a step ahead to deliver well- mixed and natural dry food that your pet will never grow tired of eating. There is always a need to at least change your dog’s meal after a while. The manufacturer still has your back on this. There are quite several flavors present at their stores that you can choose from. The meals cost is highly affordable.

The meal is essential for:

  • Strong bones to effect and increase your pet’s mobility;
  • Well-developed muscles;
  • Strong immune system for protection against diseases;
  • Every life stage development.

The dog food contains only chicken and brown rice with no poultry by-products foods present. There are also no chemical preservatives or supplements in the meal, making it a natural meal for your pet’s health.

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As a way of maintaining healthier pets, I found out adding Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs in the meals to be vital. The oil contains natural additives for a tastier meal. The omega-three vitamins present, holding a big deal in ensuring the immune system, joints, bones, and muscles are powerful, and the pet’s development is not hindered. The oil comes in a variety of flavors, but the most common is the fish-flavored oil.

With this, I do not have to keep changing my pet’s meal all the time. I only put in a different flavor, and the meal tastes like never before for my pets. The oil is approved and certified for use in the United States. I cannot reiterate more on how essential this food supplement is. In human nutrition, we know the advantages associated with fish products. These advantages are nothing less as in dogs. They might be more beneficial in pets than in our meals as our meals contain many chemical preservatives.

I profoundly recommend you use the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Large Chicken Dog Food and add a reasonable amount of Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs. This will be a combination that will keep your pet the furthest from a veterinarian. The meal is more than a skincare solution. It is perfect for a shinier skin.

Check for Skin Allergies

Golden retriever dog

Many dogs may end up shedding more as a result of an allergic infection. You are needed to carefully and frequently check for any spot or sore on your dog’s skin. When the spots are turning up at a high rate, always seek vet advice.

The allergies are at times caused by:

  • Use of the wrong shampoo;
  • Infection by fleas which might result from a dirty sleeping mat.

Sores are excruciating and may cause difficulties while brushing and bathing your pet. I understand these sores to be caused mainly by prolonged allergic skin infections which go unnoticed. Also, the wounds can be as a result of:

  • Injury inflicted during brushing;
  • Overheating or sunburn as a result of knots or mats formation;
  • Injuries got while the pet was playing.

I will give you two solutions to prevent sores and allergies in your pets:

  • Use of Pet Grooming Effectively Professional DE shedding Brush Glove;
  • Furminator DE Shedding Premium Shampoo.

To begin with the Furminator DE Shedding Premium Shampoo. It is a medicated shampoo designed for a good looking skin. It is made of natural leaf extracts and has provided a fast healing activity. The shampoo is ideal for pets that are allergic to other native but non-medicated gels. DE shedding is a bit different from brushing as the loosely held hair is plucked off without tampering with the skin. It is very useful when applied as instructed.

When using this shampoo:

  • Ensure you shake well before applying it on your pet’s skin.
  • Apply it on a wet undercoat until it lathers completely.
  • Give it 7 minutes to ensure complete contact with all parts of the skin.
  • Clean now with water using a soft DE shedding brush or glove.

Make this process your monthly routine for healthier and shinier skin.

The Pet Grooming Effectively Professional DE shedding Brush Glove is ideal to use on long, short, and curly-haired heavy shedders. It is a fit in glove and is made of soft materials for a smooth massage that causes no harm to your pet. The glove contains soft but stiff rubber bristles where fur and loosely held hair get attached.

In case the wire brush penetrates too deep and end up scratching your pet skin, then I recommend you use this DE shedding brush. The only con when using the brush is the inability to untangle all the mats on your pet’s skin effectively. But places where there are scars and sores, this gentle glove is the ideal one to use. You can easily use the glove when encountered with some difficulties reaching some areas such as the tail and face. These places are hard to remove fur with a wire brush swiftly.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Dog drinking water

Water access is essential in keeping the skin glamorous. Keeping your dog hydrated will ensure adequate compensation even after excessive sweating. Dry skin is more prone to shedding. You might also want to consider changing the diet of your dog, at times supplementing the dry food with a considerable amount of moisturized food. The water present in the wet food will be proper compensation even if your dog does not drink a lot of water during the warm periods.

A Quick Recap on Dogs That Shed the Most Hair

As I wind up my blog on dogs that shed the most, I would like to take a small recap on some of the main ways of preventing shedding. I will list the tips on the most effective ways:

  • Brushing. Remember to use the right brush to avoid hurting your pet.
  • Bathing. Shampoo choice should be highly considered when bathing your dog. For heavy shedders, bathing should be limited to a month. In case of sores or allergic infections, kindly use medicated shampoos and consult a vet for more advice.
  • Ensuring a quality diet. It goes under nutrition. You should strive to ensure the dog is under proper and balanced nutrition for a shinier skin.
  • Use of food supplements. Omega 3 natural products will help nourish your dog’s skin and ensure healthy bones and joints.
  • Checking for allergies that might accelerate shedding. Use medicated shampoos to protect from allergies.

I hope I have helped you in choosing a way of reducing your dog shedding. As you have seen, most of the products to use are a onetime buy, such as the brush and gloves. You do not need to buy them every time you need to use them. As to other products such as shampoos, they are easily affordable at Amazon.

Are you still not convinced of the best way to reduce your pet’s shedding? Comment in the section below, and I will do my best to answer your questions. If your pet is not in the list of dogs that shed the most yet it is shedding more than the listed pets, please let me know. There might be a problem, and I will be glad to be of assistance.

I will soon be back with a lot more things to share with you. Is there a topic you need explaining? Type it in the comment section, and I’ll see if I can cover it.

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