10 Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog: Detailed Training Guidelines

I’m Britta Thygesen, and I am a passionate dog owner and trainer. I’ve got a good mastery of some tricks to teach your dog. I’ll take you through some awesome hints on how to teach your dog tricks that have proved to be easy and efficient.

I want to note that not only tricks show the physical well-being of your pet but also its alertness and responsive nature. Thus, training a dog goes a long way in enhancing your pet’s wellness. Also, when training a dog, you can get used to some dog training supplies that come in handy. So, let’s start with the best tricks to teach your dog and how to do it.

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10 Best Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Below you can find the description of the ten best tricks you can teach your dog. I find them the coolest ones among all and original:

Give a kiss

Two puppies sitting on the floor

Kissing is one of some fun and easy dog tricks to teach your dog. It goes exceptionally well with kids who enjoy the big wet licking all over their faces. Dogs have no inborn knowledge of kissing, but they know the signals of affection like licking and touching.

You can begin teaching your dog to give a kiss by placing a little treat on your cheek. Then, use gestures or a voice command to grab the attention of your dog. It is important to use a treat so that your dog can get used to the action. With time, your dog will get used to performing this trick by simple voice command.

Back up

When it comes to training your dog with practical tricks that can be applied in numerous real-life situations, back up is among fun and easy tricks to teach your dog. With a handful of treats and a dog clicker, you are good to go. Most dogs respond very quickly to this trick with a rewarding of treats and praise.

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In my opinion, no trick is so easy to teach your dog and looks amazing as this one. Speak is among the fun tricks to teach your dog, as it will capture the attention of everyone around you.

Also, as some dogs can bark very loud and at times too long, teaching your dog a speak trick comes quite practical. Firstly, identify what makes your dog bark and then use the trigger to train your dog when to bark. After that, reward your dog with a treat and repeat a couple of times. Later, introduce the voice command firmly and loudly.

Shake paws

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Dog gives the paw

It is time to move onto how to teach your dog tricks without treats. Shake paws is one of the quick tricks to teach your dog that allows involving friends and family in the process. Also, it is one of the simple tricks to teach your dog.

I recommend teaching this trick when your dog is in a sitting position. You can decide on any command like ‘Hi” or “Shake hands,” then take your dog’s paw and place it on your palm. Then, you can say “Good dog” and then let go of its paw. Repeat it a couple of times every day, and soon, your dog will get used to it and will place its paw on your palm.


Waving is another favorite trick of mine, and it is among the cute and relatively easy tricks to teach your dog. If your dog has mastered shaking paws trick, then learning how to wave should not take it a lot of time. Although simple to teach, this move stays one of the unique tricks to teach your dog.

Hold out your hand as if you want to shake your dog’s paw. Once the dog lifts its paw, raise your hand. If the dog raises its paw too, reward it with a treat.

It’s important to wave your hand to give your dog the idea of what action you want from it. You can use a dog clicker to give a signal to your dog when it responds correctly, then make sure to give a treat as well. A waving dog looks adorable!


The spin is unarguably one of the coolest tricks to teach your dog that makes everyone fascinated. To teach your dog this trick, hold a small treat near its nose and lure it into the spin.

From my experience, I can say that you will need lots of treats to teach your dog spinning on voice command. Treats work best if you wonder how to teach your dog to do cool tricks, but make sure not to give too many treats to slacken its appetite.


The look of your dog sitting on its hind legs begging for a treat is just adorable. However, for many dogs, it is difficult to stay upright for more than a couple of seconds. Therefore, it is among awesome but hard tricks to teach your dog.

You should ensure you train your dog with extra caution and on a pad in case of an accident. The dog might fall on its back when learning the trick, so you can also try to train it with a wall behind. Every small effort the dog does should be met with praise and a tasty reward. I recommend keeping the training sessions short and use a dog clicker to mark the right behavior.

Roll over

Dog lying on the back

Roll over is among the advanced tricks to teach your dog. This trick always gives a dog an adorable and friendly look, and, most notably, it is easy to teach your dog this move. This is because dogs naturally roll over to demonstrate friendliness or as an act of defense.

Though training can be difficult for first times, once your dog gets the command, it will become one of its favorite tricks. You can put a treat in your hand and make a fist, then place it near the dog’s nose and give it the treat when the trick is completed. Roll your fist with the treat in it in the air and say ‘Roll over’ so that the dog could follow the movement of your hand.

Play Dead

Play dead is the most popular trick to teach your dog. Among all tricks, none is as entertaining to onlookers as the play dead trick, or the ‘Bang Bang’ trick.

If you were wondering how to teach your dog the bang trick, it’s pretty easy. First, ensure that your dog is relaxed, and you are in a calm environment. Get your dog lay down and gently push it to its side. At the same time, say the command and make the desired gesture. Make sure to give a treat after the training. Thus, with several repetitions and praises, your dog will master the command and eventually roll over on your command.

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Take a Bow

Among all the great tricks to teach your dog that we have looked at, taking a bow is extremely easy to teach. Take a bow move is when a dog puts its chest on the ground with the front legs stretched forward and the tail raised. This act is a natural behavior, and dogs do it mostly when excited to play with something. Thus, it is among the easiest tricks to teach your dog.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Dog Tricks?

The tricks mentioned above can help you to bond with your dog even more, and it will reflect in its wellness as well. Introducing new and training existing tricks to teach your dog is a great way of increasing your interaction with the dog and building trust. You can ask your family and friends to join you in teaching your dog tricks so that the dog will get more love, attention, and practice at the same time.

Also, some tricks such as spinning ensure your dog performs exercises, thus, stays fit. Tricks allow for improving the general balance of the dog’s body, and an active dog is a healthy dog. The attention you give to your dog not only builds its confidence but also develops its socialization.

What are your favorite dog tricks? Have you taught your dog any of the mentioned tricks? What are some tricks to teach your dog besides these ten moves that you are thinking of? Share your thoughts in the comment section below this article.


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