Best Bark Collar With Remote in 2023 That Can Change Everything

Teaching your dog to behave and control its barking can be quite challenging, especially if your pup is already a big one. A grown dog might be telling you how happy or sad it is by giving a few good barks. There are quite a few collar products that can come in handy when training your pet to be moderate in their barking. The last trend in training is a collar with a remote to substitute cruel electronic collars.

Finding the best bark collar with remote is hard online because there are so many of them. I’ve dealt with this issue myself and managed to collect a few good products just in case. To help you out, I’ve prepared some bark collar with remote reviews to give you a chance to choose one for you. Follow me through the article to learn more!

Best Overall
IOKHEIRA Dog Training Collar with Remote 2600Ft Range,...
Best for Small Dogs
GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep...
Best for Large Dogs
Paws Furlosophy No Shock Dog Collar - Dog Training...
Enhanced reach distance (~867 yards)
Versatile USB charger
16-level sound settings
Best Overall
IOKHEIRA Dog Training Collar with Remote 2600Ft Range,...
Enhanced reach distance (~867 yards)
Me review
Best for Small Dogs
GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep...
Versatile USB charger
Me review
Best for Large Dogs
Paws Furlosophy No Shock Dog Collar - Dog Training...
16-level sound settings
Me review

7 Best Bark Collars With Remote Reviewed

Bark collars have already made a significant difference in correcting the dog’s behavior. They have proven to be a safe and easy way to teach a pet how to manage their barking without inflicting any kind of harmful impact on them. Though there is an array of such items with different features and designs, how to pick a collar that will do its job naturally?

Here, I’ve got some high-quality remote control barking collars that people love so much. Look through them to find which suits you and your beloved pet the most. Shall we?

1. IOKHEIRA Dog Training Collar With Remote — Best Bark Collar With Remote for Training

I came across this collar not so long ago and already believe that it’s the best dog bark collar with a remote that you can find online. It’s used as a professional behavior correction device with no harm done to the pet and highly promising results. The collar offers a lot of reliable features packed into a neat design with so much to offer.

If you look at the collar, you’ll see that there is nothing complicated about it. It consists of a nice bark control sound-detecting receptor, a walking-talky-like remote, and a charger. The receptor is around 7 oz heavy, which is one of the latest prototypes yet to have been elaborated by collar manufacturers. It’s clipped to a strap that can extend up to over 2 feet.

Also, it’s made for pets of all sizes, ranging from 10 to approximately 90 pounds in weight.

When the device is put on a dog, it’s activated with a button located on its panel. Now, every time your pet starts barking, the product will react accordingly. That is, it will emit a beeping sound to warm the pet about an upcoming loud sound and a set of vibrations. All of this can be manipulated remotely using the control, where you can set the volume, light emission, and even the vibration strength.

  • Enhanced reach distance (~867 yards);
  • Long-lasting charge;
  • 3-mode correction;
  • Non Shock.
  • Needs specific vibration calibration for larger dogs.

2. GoodBoy Mini No Shock Collar — Best for Small Dogs That Behave Like Big Ones

If you have a little pup that is just too into barking, then try this product designed specifically for small-sized pets. It’s very moderate in its vibration and sound impact to suit the size of your breed. Also, it’s completely controlled, simplifying your training wherever you are.

First, it looks very nice with a minimalistic design and high-tech construction. Both the remote and collar are pleasant to the touch with no sharp edges to ensure safety and comfort for you and your pet. The strap is made of flexible plastic that can be resized and fitted on the dog’s neck depending on the fur thickness, so it doesn’t cause irritation or choking.

This small dog bark collar with a remote comes with a nice hanger for easier carrying that can be wrapped around the wrist or simply put in a pocket.

Made only for minute dogs, like Terrier, Frise, Affenpinscher, etc. it doesn’t have excessive weight, which comes to around 8oz. The charge lasts for more than 15 hours of constant activation, whereas it lasts for almost a week when the device is inactive. You can choose one of the 9 sound volume levels by interacting with a digital display.

The same applies to the vibration and light features that can be initiated by pressing a single button on the remote. When used, the coverage is over 330 yards, which is highly effective for overly frenzied pets.

  • Water-resistant;
  • Safe;
  • Versatile USB charger;
  • Great warranty.
  • Too fragile for large dogs.

3. Paws Furlosophy 16-Level Bark Control Collar — Best for Large Dogs and Device Pairing

For those whose barking problem comes from big pets, you will need a device like this that can tame your dog on the spot. This instant-feedback collar has enough power to train a big pet that otherwise won’t stop barking. As close to it gets to a professional training collar, the item comes in handy in all kinds of noise-related situations.

Perfect for dogs that range between 20 and 100 pounds, it has a wide strap diameter that just feels natural on the neck. Though it’s made of hard plastic, there are inserts that slide to find the ideal neck size without pain or low breathability.

On top of this, the material makes the product highly resilient to the cold, heat, and water. You don’t have to worry about your pet getting into a puddle or running in the pouring rain; the case will protect the circuits from moisture.

Use this automatic bark collar with a remote to send vibration and sound signals to your pet at a distance of almost 700 yards. You can initiate the light mode to warn the pet about misbehavior consequences.

The lights can also be used to find your dog easier in the dark or brush. Press the sound button on the remote to activate harmless yet effective sound waves to flabbergast the pet and prevent howling in dogs. Interestingly, you can have a couple of collars connected to a single remote.

  • Dirt and water resistance;
  • Durable and tear-proof;
  • 16-level sound settings;
  • Comes with a clear manual.
  • Suitable for dogs older than 5 months.

4. WWWVVPET Citronella Dog Training Collar — Best Spray Bark Collar With Remote

In case a power sound impact and vibrations are not enough for training your pet, you can use this device that comes with a slight Citronella spray. It helps calm your dog down when it’s too loud and overly active. It operates with no harm to your pet but rather to teach it that its current behavior is well observed.

The item consists of a sound receptor strapped onto a soft fabric collar. The collar can be adjusted to fit the neck size of your pet with a nice slider. This way, it’s suitable for pets of all sizes, ranging from 10 to 100 pounds. While the receptor is a little bulky, it doesn’t obstacle the dog’s head from moving easily and with comfort. Regarding the functions, it’s the most humane bark collar to be used for constantly barking dogs.

Just like with a regular sound collar, the power output can be regulated using a nice panel that displays the current settings. It uses no electric power to train your dogs but low-range sounds and vibrations.

To double your results, you can fill the receptor with the Citronella extract. It’s a proven means of calming your pet down since it contains no chemicals or irritating particles, thus being safe. One can of the extract should be sufficient enough to last for almost two weeks by spraying 10 times a day.

  • Organic Citronella spray mode;
  • Elastic collar;
  • The versatility of dog sizes;
  • Sparing spray refills.
  • Requires regular recharging.

5. WOLFWILL Rechargeable Dog Training Collar — Resilient Anti Bark Collar With Remote

This product is great for dogs that can be too messy and destructive sometimes. It’s highly durable and has a wide range of reception to find and train your pet wherever it is. Moreover, the device is sealed-off and completely watertight, letting no moisture in, unlike similar remote control vibrating dog collar products.

To provide resilience to external damages, the collar is coated with hard polymers that can withstand biting, tossing, and even direct hits. The receptor is joined firmly with the strap itself, which is super in case your pet doesn’t like name tags and collar. Now, the dog won’t be able to take it off by shaking the head. This prevents dents and scuffing, making the collar last longer than regulars.

Don’t worry about charging the device and leaving your pet off the hook; a normal charge usually takes around 2.5 hours. It’s sufficient for around a fortnight without blackouts or minor recharges. Also, the battery is protected by an additional coating that lets no water in. As a result, the collar allows for walks in the rain and fooling around in puddles.

  • Watertight;
  • Decent reception range;
  • Handy hook for carrying the remote;
  • Scuff-resistant.
  • Bulky receptor.

6. Paipatek No Shock Safe Dog Training Collar — Stylish and Neat No Bark Collar With Remote

You may be concerned about how appealing the collar is – this one can take your worries away. It is rather stylish on the neck, and it also has a nice range of functions for training. It’s a nice discipline anti-bark collar with a remote while it’s no different from a regular name tag.

The overall design is quite simple and has no unnecessary features that can be confusing. The strap can extend up to 2.1 feet in diameter to fit your dog breed without clenching or squeezing. The Nylon used in the product is truly high-quality. It lets the fur and skin breathe without irritating or overheating.

With the receptor as small as 4 inches, there is nothing that impedes your dog’s movements. It has a hidden in-built sound detector to identify only the barking and noise coming from the bearer, not the surroundings.

When the pet has learned to manage its barking, you can use the remote to regulate the volume and vibrations by adjusting the settings with the remote. The device can prove useful against other bad habits, like intimidating others, running away, or getting into the mud.

  • Stain-free;
  • Washable;
  • Waterproof;
  • Double charge hold.
  • Limited reception range.

7. Kaier Cat Spray Bark Collar — Automatic Bark Collar With Remote for Two Dogs

The last honorable mention for today is another remote Citronella collar that comes with a little bonus. It allows you to train two dogs at the same time with a single for comfortability. Also, it’s extremely automatic and can decide when and how to train your pet when on auto-pilot.

Thanks to the front panel that gives you a full overview of what level of volume your pet is now on, you can monitor even the slightest changes in barking. Simply follow the scale that switches automatically between low, medium, and high barking to have a better grip of your training. Use it to adjust the levels to teach your pet to respond to different stimuli appropriately.

When using the remote itself, you can change the controls between two dogs by pressing a single button. If you’ve filled it up with Citronella, the collar will automatically spray a bit every time the bearer makes a sound. Besides, charging doesn’t take much time, and the battery can last for 2.5 days of continuous working.

  • Two-collar control;
  • Instant spray reaction;
  • Low-maintenance;
  • Harmless and neat.
  • The strap is not machine-washable.

Learn More About a Bark Collar With Remote for Your Convenience

bark collar with remote

When buying remote control bark collars for dogs, there isn’t the right or wrong choice. Each product is a unique way of training your pet to get rid of that annoying habit. However, all of them differ in a variety of ways, including the characteristics, size, features, and so on. Not to make a hasty decision, those aspects are to be considered. Now let’s learn more about collars to have a better understanding of their functions and benefits.

What is a bark collar with a remote?

A bark collar is a special piece of dog training equipment. It’s used to teach the pet how to control its barking instinct and not to create too much noise when unnecessary. The product is equipped with a receptor that catches even the slightest barking and reacts to it by using an array of sounds, vibrations, or spraying.

A remote is a part of the bark and training collar combo that is utilized for easier control over the collar. It has a long-distance reception to simply dog tracking, as well as other features for setting up and adjusting sound and vibration levels. Bark collars are a safe and easy way to discipline your pet without any harm or stress for it.

How to choose a bark collar with a remote?

Here are a few things to pay attention to when opting between different models:

  • Type. A collar may be simply sound and vibration-based or can have a spray embedded into the receptor. The first one is a common choice for small and medium-sized young pups whose training is less complex. Whereas, the latter may be more suitable for grown dogs who have a strong habit of barking.
  • Dog size. The size and weight of your dog don’t really matter; what matters for the choice of a collar is the age and fluffiness. You have to ensure that the collar isn’t too tight for your pet’s neck because it can cause irritation and even aggression. Also, make sure to buy an adjustable collar for young dogs since they are going to grow out of the collar at some point.
  • Safety. Bark collars are normally pet-friendly since the shock feature has been prohibited by many state laws. They use harmless sound and vibrations to signal the pet that there is something wrong in its behavior.
  • Max. range. The range of your remote may vary depending on the model. Generally, the optimal reception range is around 100ft, but you may well pick a product with 2000ft if your pet is too playful.

How to use a bark collar with a remote (tips)?

  1. Set up the average volume.
  2. For a couple of days, activate the collar for approximately 10 min so that the pet can get used to it.
  3. Use petting and treats to develop a habit.
  4. Add commands to each time you activate the collar to implement understanding.
  5. Start reducing the volume after each period of the dog’s success feedback.

Benefits and disadvantages of a bark collar with a remote


  1. Your pet develops a no-bark reflex fast and easy without any additional training;
  2. The collar is completely pet-friendly, uses no electricity, and causes no stress to the pet;
  3. As your pet grows, you can readjust the collar using a slider so that you don’t have to buy a new one every time;
  4. Using a remote, you can always reset the volume and vibration power to comply with your dog’s current behavior;
  5. It’s a great complement to your dog’s appearance and makes it easier to find the pet when it’s horsing around.


  1. Not all models are watertight and can be susceptible to the heat and cold;
  2. It can be rather pricey, depending on the model.


Have you got more questions? Try to find them answered here!

Should I follow up on this type of correction with positive rewards?

It’s not forbidden to do so. Moreover, by giving your pet treats and praise every time it gets your command, you can progress more quickly. By combining the two approaches, you can benefit immensely, but make sure not to overpraise the pup.

Does a dog bark collar with a remote work?

Yes, it’s extremely useful. Lots of tests have proven that using a no bark collar with a remote is an effective way to teach a dog barking control. It’s based on the fact that dogs are quite sensitive to different stimuli, and they easily take on new habits after an extended training period.

Are bark collars safe?

Yes, they are. The shocking or scaring technologies are considered rather inhumane and have been long excluded from training techniques. Modern collars don’t utilize any harmful means of stimulating pets but, on the contrary, rely on the dog’s responsiveness to external commands and stimuli. This makes them as safe as it gets, but there are still certain guidelines to follow for effective training.

How long can the dog wear a bark collar?

The average number of hours that a collar can stay on a dog is 8. It’s highly inadvisable to leave it for longer since it can bring your pet to confusion and unnecessary stress. Try to balance the time when your dog has a collar on and off to ensure complete safety and the least stress.

Can I do training with a remote-controlled bark collar?

Theoretically, you can. Since the collar has little impact on the way a pet behaves besides barking, the collar can stay on. On the other hand, when training, you want to have your dog’s full attention and a display of their natural behavior, which includes barking. So, you might want to take it off while you’re teaching your dog to ask to go out.

Use a Remote Bark Collar to Manifest Your Dog’s Best Self

Training your pet to behave and control barking is not a whim but rather a necessity that ensures peace and discipline. A good-quality bark collar can serve you well while your dog is still a pup, or it has already grown big. Choose a sound-based collar to teach a small dog that barking has consequences, or apply a spray one for bigger pets to correct their behavior.

Well, here are the best options to develop a pleasant relationship with your noisy pet. Choose wisely and use responsibly whichever you pick. By the way, have you already found a bark collar? How handy do you think the remote is? Have you encountered any problems so far? Tell me about it in the comment box below!

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